Responses For Prayers

Two Kinds Of Responses From God For Our Prayers.

Libin Jacob


God answers prayer and He often does answer all our prayers. Some of the greatest questions of our times especially during these time of pandemic is, why is there so much suffering in this world? If God is good why does he allow evil? Why don’t He answer our prayers?.These are some of the questions we often wrestle with and here are two responses which I would like to make,that would make sense in our suffering. 

1.God answers our Prayer by changing the circumstance:

God always answers our Prayers through His direct intervention into the circumstance that are intended to harm us and He rescues us from such evil and makes a way to flee away before it could destroy us.His will for our lives are to bless us and to make us a blessing for others.Whatever seems to be catastrophic are not harder for God, where He is all knowing and the all powerful.He can do miracles through our hands.He gives us the wisdom to accomplish things when things are beyond our control.He makes us more than conquerors in Him and helps us along the way in our walk with Him by being with us. Thus when we call unto Him in the times of trouble, He answers and delivers us with quick answers.

2.He involves in changing us rather than changing our circumstance:

The second most important answer that we would receive from God is that His involvement in changing us, rather than changing our circumstance . Sometimes the problem for God to do miracle is not our circumstance but we ourselves.Those are the harder times where we fail to understand God, and we often wrestle with Him by questioning His existence. Any kind of answer that we receive from God is a blessing, whether it is Yes or No.God in His sovereign Wisdom does everything right in His time and it’s place.We can never find injustice in Him.God is so disciplined in His timeline.The pandemic that stuck our globe might make us think that God is unjust, but analysing the condition of the human lives will clearly reveal whether God is unjust or the man.God is not the reason for the suffering, rather it’s our failure to listen and obey His counsel.God never wants to bless us with something that takes us away from Him. Therefore it’s our responsibility to humble before God and to seek His counsel rather than listening to the grumble of this world.


It is better to trust in the Lord who gives us the hope to live in this world and it’s our responsibility to seek and listen to our Lord and savior Jesus Christ the author of our lives and the reason for our hope,who has enormously blessed us with the things that are above and let our eyes be fixed on Him in the race that we have ahead and to be victorious in our daily walk with Him.Amen.God bless you.

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